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SKYTINT BLACK automotive window tint contains no metal elements, meaning no interference with mobile phones, GPS or radio reception. Great protection against UV rays, with an anti-scratch coating.


BLACK offers an internal heat reduction of up to 23%, with a 3 year durability.

Light BLACK50 Automotive Tint

SKU: HFBLACK50/1520-30
VAT Included
  • Film shade: Light black
    Film type: Polyester
    Thickness of the film: 23µm
    Liner: Clear Polyester
    Solar energy rejected (heat): 23%
    Visible light transmission: 50%
    Visible light reflection: 6%
    Maximum UV transmission: 5%
    Application: Interior only
    Roll width: 1520mm
    Minimum order quantity: 30 meters
    Roll length: 30 meters

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