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SKYTINT SKYSTAR is the perfect alliance between efficiency and performance.


This specially developed automotive window tint contains no metal elements, meaning no interference with mobile phones, GPS or radio reception. Great protection against UV rays, with an anti-scratch coating.


SKYSTAR offers an internal heat reduction of up to 32%, with a 10 year durability.

Very Light Black SKYSTAR70 Automotive Tint

VAT Included
  • Film shade: Very light black
    Film type: Polyester
    Thickness of the film: 55µm
    Liner: Clear Polyester
    Solar energy rejected (heat): 32%
    Visible light transmission: 67%
    Visible light reflection: 6%
    Maximum UV transmission: 1%
    Tempered glass: Yes
    Laminated glass: Yes
    Application: Interior only
    Roll width: 1520mm
    Minimum order quantity: See options
    Roll length: 30 meters

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