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The SOTT pressurised sprayer, made from translucent rigid grade HDPE with a rubber air and liquid tight seal, the easy to use top pump action pressurises the unit for a long and continuous spray action.


The chemical resistant trigger features a plastic gauze helping to filter out any particles, while the ergonomic handle has a lockable trigger for when using at long periods of time.


The blue nozzle can be adjusted to suit the amount of required spray, while the wide neck makes it easy to fill and empty with a handy liquid level indicator.


SOTT Pressure Sprayer 1.25 Litre

VAT Included
  • • 1.25 litre
    • Made from rigid HDPE
    • Air & liquid tight
    • Plastic gauze filter
    • Lockable trigger
    • Adjustable nozzle
    • Wide neck
    • Level indicator

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